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Dental Technology

Who doesn’t love technology! The entire team at The Dental Suite are big fans. It makes our work, from implant restoration to general dentistry easier and more effective. But what Dr. Dayanayeva really gets passionate about when it comes to dental technology in Rockville Centre is what it does for our patients. Dental technology:
  • Helps us discover problems in their earliest stages
  • Allows us to show patients what’s happening in their mouths, up close and personal
  • Educate patients of all ages about their oral health
  • Speed both treatment and healing
  • Remove the need for scalpels and stitches in many procedures
  • Reduce pain and discomfort

The Advanced Dental Technology Used At The Dental Suite Includes:

Intraoral Cameras

These tiny, pen-sized cameras allow us to see into all the nooks and crannies of your mouth. In the past, oral examinations were done with a handheld mirror and only dentists could see what they were looking at. The innovation of intraoral cameras suddenly allowed new visuals for doctors and patients alike! The camera projects enlarged, color images to the computer screen in real-time. This allows both you and the doctor to clearly see exactly what is happening – even in the darkest recesses of your mouth. Kids love it!

iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner is a small, hand-held wand that we use to take digital impressions of your teeth and gums.  iTero gives us a more precise digital image of your mouth using a radiation-free laser to scan the mouth in only a few minutes. It’s fast, accurate, and safe!

Digital X-Rays

All of our X-rays are digital. What does that mean for you? The most advanced, accurate views of your teeth, jaw, and mouth structures. These images give us details with pinpoint accuracy in full color and create a historical perspective on your health that cannot be achieved with the old-school X-rays.

Panoramic X-Rays

Take everything that makes our digital X-rays great, and now add the ability to see all of these aspects the whole way around your jaw, your sinuses, and the root structure of each and every tooth in incredible color detail.

Laughing Gas

Wait, how is this technology? Believe it or not, Laughing gas is one of the simplest, yet most advanced tools that we can use to reduce anxiety and create a more calming experience for our patients. Not only is it temporary with no after-effects, but it can be used on patients of all ages to quickly and easily proceed with procedures without complicating the situation unnecessarily.

Massage Chairs

You’ll also find massage chairs in all of our treatment rooms. Why? Think back to years past when you’ve gotten a filling and been in the dental chair for a prolonged period of time. It can be uncomfortable, and just that alone can make you anxious. Instead, sit back and truly relax in a comfortable (yes, really!) dental chair and get a little bit of lumbar massage while you’re here.

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